7 Grocery Stores in Tokyo! Stores where you can buy organic food!

Many of you may be thinking, “I am planning to be stationed in Tokyo, so I am trying to find out what kind of food I can get at which stores.

With so many grocery stores in Tokyo, it can be difficult to find the right grocery store for your purpose, such as “a store where you can buy organic foods”.

In this article, we will explain in detail the key points for choosing a grocery store in Tokyo and seven grocery stores in Tokyo.

Points to consider when choosing a grocery store in Tokyo

Here are some points to consider when choosing a grocery store in Tokyo

・Is there a wide variety of foodstuffs?
・Convenient transportation
・Length of business hours
・Whether you can buy organic foods

A grocery store with a good selection of food ingredients is a convenient way to get everything you need from just your favorite store.

It is also easier to go to a store that is close to home and open from early in the morning until late at night.

If you say, “I always buy organic foods,” we recommend that you choose a grocery store that carries a large selection of organic foods.

7 Grocery Stores in Tokyo

The seven grocery stores in Tokyo are as follows

1.Biocebon Azabu Juban Store
2.Natural House Aoyama Store
3.Natural Food F&F Azabu-Juban
4.Super Naniwaya
5.National Azabu
6.Shinanoya Roppongi Hills
7.YEBISU Marche

The above seven grocery stores are described in detail here.

Biocebon Azabu Juban

Biocebon is an organic supermarket founded in Paris, France.

The theme of the store is “Organic for Everyday Life,” and the freshness and selection of organic foods are its main attractions.

In addition to daily-use groceries, the store also offers directly imported products such as cheese and wine from France, as well as Japanese foodstuffs such as tofu and natto (fermented soybeans).

Address2-9-2 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours9:00-22:00
ClosedOpen all year round
Nearest stationToei Subway Oedo Line (Exit 7)
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line (Exit 4) 3 minutes walk from Azabu-juban Station
Official websitehttps://www.bio-c-bon.jp

Natural House Aoyama Store

Natural House is a store specializing in domestically produced organic products under the concept of “SLOW (Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wellness) LIFE.

It offers a wide range of organic foodstuffs from everyday ingredients to sweets, as well as original cosmetics made from 100% natural + naturally derived ingredients.

In addition, this grocery store has many special features, such as information on the producers on its website and the use of non-genetically-modified products whenever possible.

Address3-6-18 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hoursWeekdays and Saturdays: 9:30 – 21:00
Sunday: 9:30-20:30
ClosedNo holidays
Nearest station1 minute walk from Omotesando Station (Exit B4)
Official websitehttps://www.naturalhouse.co.jp

Natural Food F&F Azabu Juban

Natural Foods F&F is a grocery store that carries a wide range of safe and secure food products.

We offer a variety of products ranging from fresh vegetables and rice from farmers throughout Japan to additive-free seasonings, boxed lunches, prepared foods, natural yeast bread, cakes, baked goods, retort sauces, and frozen foods.

The store also has its own safety standards, such as offering products without chemically synthesized additives and purchasing produce that uses as little chemical pesticides and fertilizers as possible.

AddressTakama Building 1F, 1-8-2 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours10:00-21:00
ClosedNo regular holidays
Nearest station2 min. walk from Exit 5b of Azabu-juban Station
Official website https://www.shizensyoku-ff.com

Super Naniwaya

Super Naniwaya is a long-established grocery store that has been in the Azabu Juban area for over 100 years.

Focusing on delicious and safe food, the store offers a wide variety of products ranging from fresh foods to homemade side dishes, sweets, pet food, and more.

Especially popular are their homemade roast beef and other side dishes made with wagyu beef.

Address3-9-5 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours10:00-22:00
ClosedOpen year-round (New Year’s vacations apply)
Nearest stationAzabu-juban Station
Official websitehttps://jin3.jp/kameiten2-2/super-naniwaya.htm

National Azabu

Opened in 1962, National Azabu is an international supermarket for embassy staff and foreign businessmen living in Japan.

Because it is a grocery store for international customers, it features a wide variety of foods from all over the world.

It also offers a wide selection of wines and cheeses, making it a store where you can enjoy shopping while having fun.

Address4-5-2 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours9:00-20:00
ClosedNo regular holidays (closed only at New Year’s)
Nearest stationHiroo Station
Official websitehttp://www.national-azabu.com

Shinanoya Roppongi Hills Store

Shinanoya is a store that focuses on the foods it handles, valuing the ideas of “contributing to the community through food culture” and “safety, security, and deliciousness.

In addition to fresh foods for daily use, the store also offers imported cheeses and special foods from various regions, making it an attractive place to shop for special occasions.

In particular, Shinanoya focuses on alcoholic beverages, and when importing directly from producers around the world and when storing them, the temperature is thoroughly controlled to keep the local flavor intact.

AddressRoppongi Hills Gate Tower, 6-11-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours9:00 – 23:00
ClosedOpen all year round
Nearest station4 minutes walk from Azabu-juban Station (Exit 7) on Toei Subway Oedo Line
5 min. walk from Exit 1 of Roppongi Station on Toei Subway Oedo Line
Official websitehttps://shinanoya.co.jp


YEBISU Marche is a marche held regularly at the plaza in Yebisu Garden Place under the concept of “organic and natural.

At this marche, visitors can purchase rice, vegetables, fruits, handmade sweets, flowers, etc. in an atmosphere that makes them feel as if they are abroad.

Since you can buy products directly from the producers, you will be able to learn how to eat them and feel more secure about the ingredients.

AddressYebisu Garden Place plaza, 4-20 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours11:00-17:00
ClosedOpen only on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month
Nearest stationJR Ebisu station
Official websitehttps://www.nkbmarche.jp/marche/yebisu-marche

Grocery stores in Tokyo

With so many grocery stores in Tokyo, it can be difficult to know where to shop.

Choosing the right grocery store is especially important for organic food shoppers.

In this article, “7 Grocery Stores in Tokyo,” we have featured stores that offer a good selection of organic foods.

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