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New subway station in central Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Government anounced for “The Long-Term Vision for Tokyo” last year and they are going to develop new subway station in between Kamiyacho station and Kasumigaseki station on Hibiya line by 2020. There are some reasons to make the new station. They said, new complex, Toranomon Hills,  the nearst station is Toranomon station on Ginza line and Kamiyacho station on Hibiya line, and both are approximately 300 to 400 m to Toranomon Hills which is not close enogh this new business landmark area, so if new station close to Toranomon Hills.

Also 10 years of “The Long-Term Vision for Tokyo” says, Tokyo has target in 2020 that Tokyo become “Tokyo is No.1 City in a wolrd” and Toranomon would become a gate of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Toranomon area would be a big change in 10 years.


new station image toranomon area


Redevelpment in Toranomon area


Summary of long-term vision, Tokyo



Future Shibuya, Tokyo

Terminal Shibuya station and surranding Shibuya station is going to be redeveloped according with Asia Headquoter specific district in Tokyo.

The construction is on going now and will be completed around year 2026.

Couple of highrise building will be built, and basement of Shibuya station would be more good access between difference train line, and building, hopefully.

Virtual future Shibuya here. ( sorry it is only Japanese)