Dear client.

Thank you for looking this our message.

We are hoping you and your family member are safe by COVID-19.

Japanese government announced that emergency announcement released on 25th of May, 2020. However, COVID-19 is NOT completely gone, so we are still keeping careful for this virus.

In this situation, we propose our client who is looking for rental and buy property in Tokyo, we can show you property online through Skype, Zoom, Chatwork, and some other apps. When you request online viewing,  we will ask you for personal informations, and requirement before searching and showing property.  Avoid any trouble after you moved into property, you should view your selected property before sign contract.

We usually pick up our client at hotel, or home, and take them to some property, so that is risk in a car together, and in property together.

Additionally, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism approved our company and registered “IT Jusetsu” which is explanation of important document online. There are some conditions related this activity, but you do not have to come to our office for signing contract.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to us know.

Asian Property Inc.

Representative, Masao Horiki








代表取締役 宝力正雄