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Setagaya-ku area guide

Setagaya-ku, has a great mixture of popular residential and commercial areas such as "Sangenjyaya", "Shimo-kitazawa" and "Futago-tamagawa".

Setagaya-ku is a perfect example of great residential and commercial harmony. Representative areas such as "Sangenjyaya", "Shimo-kitazawa" and "Futago-tamagawa" are popular spots full of exciting things to do. While "Seijyo-gakuen" is famous for its luxurious residential homes. 
The areas of "Okusawa", "Fukasawa", "Youga", "Seta", "Daisawa" and "Akatsutsumi" have a wide range of expansive and beautiful homes.

The greatest number of company presidents and celebrities live in Setagaya-ku. In general, people tend to think it is too expensive to live in Setagawa-ku. However, it actually has many homes that are moderately priced to meet almost anyone's level of living.

Setagaya-ku has many convenient and easily accessible road systems. There is easy access via the Yoga-interchange to the Toumei highway. Public bus routes provide convenient transportation to many areas within Setagaya-ku.
As for train transportation, the Keio, Odakyu and Tokyu Denentoshi Lines provide quick and easy service to Shinjuku and Shibuya stations.

Kinuta Park", "Bajikouen Park", "Hanegi Park" and "Todoroki Valley" are famous, rich green zones located in Setagaya-ku. You can enjoy a refreshing walk while viewing the long rows of tall cherry blossom and oak trees.
Setagaya-ku provides one with a perfect distance from the city center while providing you with a comfortable style of living.

Setagaya-ku has a population of 83 million residents, the highest in Tokyo Prefecture.

There are many great elementary, middle and high schools as well as universities located in Setagaya-ku. The "Setagaya Nine Years Educational Project" has been implemented at some of the elementary schools. The Projects innovative teaching curriculum provides quality education.

In addition, Setagaya has a unique "Landscape Building Ordinance" which maintains the ward's old agricultural tradition of building residential homes in harmony with its rich fertile green areas.


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