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Chiyoda-ku area guide

Chiyoda-ku area guide

Chiyoda-ku is the center of power for both the nation’s capital Tokyo and Japan’s National Government. The Imperial Palace, the lower and upper Houses of Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court are all located here.

The Imperial Palace is located in the center of Chiyoda-ku and occupies about 15% of the land area.
Many of Japan’s government ministries are also concentrated in Chiyoda-ku. The head offices of many city banks, leading newspapers, and large trading and manufacturing company headquarters are located in the Marunouchi, Otemachi and Hibiya areas of Chiyoda-ku, a short distance from Tokyo Station.

Chiyoda-ku is geographically located in the center of Tokyo Prefecture’s 23 wards. The number of hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, medical advisors, nurses, beauty salons and police stations are the highest per 10,000 residents among the 23 wards.
For daily shopping, “Hanamasa Meat Market” and “My Basket” are known for their reasonable prices. However, the majority of the supermarkets in the area such as “Meidiya”, “Seijyo-Ishii”, “Daimaru Peacock” and “Kinokuniya” are considered quite luxurious and on the expensive side.

Chiyoda-ku has a population of 50,000 residents.
Companies and public buildings occupy the majority of the land space in Chiyoda-ku, therefore residential areas are limited. Homeowners account for 53% of the residents while renters account for 47%. The age range of residents of Chiyoda-ku extends from 25 to 55 years old. The “Jinbocho” area still has a “Showa era” atmosphere with countless friendly used bookstores along Bookstore Street and “Ogawacho” is known as the sporting goods town. And it’s not necessary to mention the world famous “AKIHABARA”, known as electric town and a place for “Otaku” (geeks) culture. Chiyoda-ku is full of international companies and their business activities are what attracts so many tourists to this area.


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