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Shibuya-ku area guide

Shibuya-ku area guide

Shibuya-ku consist of “Shibuya”, known as the city of the young, and the more mature “Shoto” and “Yoyogi Uehara” areas where you can find high-end residences.

Shibuya is a hot spot for many tourists visiting Japan. The area has many famous specialty shops such as “109”, “The Loft” and “Tokyu Hands”, commercial facilities such as “Hikarie” and “Omotesando Hills” and many restaurants to meet the taste of everyone.

The bronze statue of the faithful dog “Hachiko” and the bustling multi-street intersection located in front of Shibuya station are famous worldwide.

The Harajuku/Omotesando area is known as the city of fashion, while the office district area composed of the Shinjuku, Yoyogi and Sendagaya areas are close by.

And located just a short distance away are the shopping areas of “Daikanyama” and “Ebisu Garden Place”, and the art and science areas of “Bunkamura”, “Noh ” (a tradition Japanese play), “Tokyu Theatre Orb”, “NHK Studio Park”, “Tobacco & Salt Museum” and “Electric Power Pavilion”. There are many more galleries and museums loved by both children and adults in the area.

The expansive green spaces “Meiji Jingu” and “Yoyogi Park” are also located here. As are Yoyogi-Uehara and Shoto famous for their luxurious atmosphere among Tokyo’s higher-end residences.

The majority of the population of Shibuya-ku’s 129,000 residents are between 25 and 35 years old. , The proportion of renters is considerably high at 58.5%.

Young singles move to Shibuya-ku motivated by the idea “I’ve always wanted to live there once”. However, they tend to move away rather quickly once they realize the high cost of living.

Currently, construction of the new high rise station building is being promoted as a redevelopment plan for the area. The building is scheduled to open in 2020 as the tallest station building in Tokyo, reaching 230 meters with 46 floors of commercial offices and facilities. The area around Shibuya Station will be reborn as a new town with many other large-scale development projects scheduled in near future.


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