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Shinagawa-ku area guide

Shinagawa-ku area guide

Shinagawa-ku: is undergoing many large-scale development and redevelopment projects.

Shinagawa station is an arrival and departure point for the Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Yamanote, Yokosuka and Keihin Express Lines, the latter of which is also a convenient way to get to and from Haneda International Airport in about 15 minutes. The station is a typical example of one of Japan’s excellent transportation links where the Narita Express can transport you to Narita International Airport in about 90 minutes.

“Tennoz Isle” is where various events are held daily. “The Shinagawa Aquarium”, “Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium,” “Oi Horse Racecourse” and “The Odaiba Museum of Maritime Science” are popular spots where many people visit on holidays.

The “AEON Shinagawa Seaside Store”, the largest supermarket in Shinagawa-ku, has a large parking lot (hard to find in Tokyo) and shoppers come from all over the surrounding areas to shop there. The “Togoshi-Ginza Shopping Street”, the longest such street in Tokyo, is always crowded with enthusiastic shoppers.
The “Togoshi-Ginza Croquette Project”, launched in 2004, is one of the most popular events in the area. This year twenty-one stores are participating in the project and many people go there to eat the unique and various kinds of croquettes.

Shinagawa-ku has five hill areas, called “Gotenyama”, “Yatsuyama” Ikedayama” Shimazu yama” and Hanabusayama”. Combined they are known as the “Jonan Five Hills”. In particular, “Gotenyama”, “Ikedayama” and “Hanabusayama” are famous for their luxurious residential areas.
A small park located in Ikedayama, called “The Garden of Nemunoki”, is said to be an ancient and honorable land where you can get a sense of its history. This park is named after the poem “Lullaby of Nemunoki” written by Empress Michiko and is located on the old site of the Masada House where the Empress was raised.

Construction of the Meguro Station district urban redevelopment skyscrapers is scheduled to be completed in September 2017.
A 40-story building will include condominiums, offices and retail stores. Another 38-story building will be composed of condominiums only. The idea is to create an atmosphere where office and living coexist side by side along the “Tennoz Isle” canal.

Shinagawa-ku is making an effort to support working mothers by eliminating the long wait times that young children have to endure before entering preschool/daycare. Along these lines the ward is planning to open additional preschools and daycare facilities.


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