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Ota-ku area guide

Ota-ku area guide

Ota-ku; with “Haneda International Airport” all the eyes are on this area as the gateway to the world. It includes the exclusive residential area of “Denenchofu. Where as the “Kamata”, “Yaguchi” and “Rokugo” areas are crowded with state-of-art factories.

Ota-ku has a mixed basket of uniquely characteristic towns. “Denenchofu”, “Omori”, “Kamata”, “Kojiya” and “Haneda” all have different atmospheres. “Denenchofu” is an example of luxurious living. On the hand, “Kamata” is crowded with countless factories. “Haneda International Airport” in “Kojiya” is easily accessible using the Keihin Express Line. “Hamamatsucho” is another station where you can conveniently connect to the center of Tokyo and the airport using the “Tokyo Monorail Line”.

Ota-ku is unique in that it has a Manhattan style residential area as well as a many industrial areas. The primary “Tamagawa” river empties into Tokyo Bay in Ota-ku. The “Tamagawa Taishi Green Belt” is always crowded with people playing baseball, soccer and other sports.

Ota-ku has 53 shopping arcades and it seems like you can’t help running into one where ever you go. The large supermarkets, “Granduo Kamata” and “Luz Omori”, are located near the stations named after them.

Other popular spots in Ota-ku include the “Tamagawa Hillside Park”, “Ikegami-Honmon Temple”, “Senzoku Pond”, “Omori Kaizuka Park”, “Tokyo Bay Wild Bird Park” and “Heiwajima Park”. There are many more parks where you can go to enjoy your weekends.
Ota-ku has a population of 680,000 residents and is the 2nd largest ward in Tokyo. The number of people in the ward during the day and night is almost the same, meaning that most of the residents work there too. The majority of residents are young to middle aged families with young children. In order to support these families, Ota-ku provides free medical services for newborns to 9th grade children. Many people move to Ota-ku for this reason.


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